Always the last place you look....

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Always the last place you look....

January 12, 2010
Yesterday we drove up the mountain to Boone to buy a few things at CJAS and enjoy a delicious lunch at the Thai restaurant -- Sesame Tofu. On the way out of Hickory I made a detour to Carolina Office Supply to see if they had a refill for my Pentel Kerry mechanical pencil. They did not. BUT, while I was trying to recount my mystification that there was no eraser under the barrel cap on the end of the body of my pencil I inadvertently pulled the silver “clicker” off of the pencil’s “cap” and, voila!! I was looking at the working end of an eraser!!! Oh, what JOY! Awash with happy adrenaline I whirled right and with a smile abeam across my face told the clerk who was still patiently trying to assist me, “my wife married an idiot!”

“So did I,” she said. “We all did.”

But no sniping could take the glorious glow off of this great moment in the history of the pencil. I have been looking for that PNZ35 eraser refill since my birthday when I got the pencil. (Do I give myself great gifts, or what?! I also got a beaver bristle shaving brush, but don’t get me started…) It was always there.

The answer is always there. It is up to us to have the intelligence and the courage to formulate and ask the right questions. We can only fail if we stop trying.

End of Journal Entry
(January 18, 2010
One further thought, at least as it applies to "getting stuck" when you're doing a watercolor. I find that the best answers are located somewhere between my brush and my hand. Sometimes that right question is action uncluttered by thought.)

Meanwhile, in the world of watercolors, I still doodling around with a sketchbook draft of Kalaloch Sunset. Yesterday, when we got back from Boone, (by the way, the mountains really got whacked by the ice storm before Christmas. We’ll have to be careful when we hike in the high country for years to come. Thousands of limbs are dangling high in naked branches…) I made a little mask to surround the sketch. When I put it on the paper, I was very pleased with how well it has come along.

I plan to try and finish this one as a quarter sheet and also get OBX pre-Firm done before we hit the road.