Kalaloch Sunset II

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Kalaloch Sunset II

I woke up at 6:11, am wondering how Kalaloch Sunset – II would look in daylight. Of course, at that hour daylight is only a promise at the low edge of the eastern horizon so I set about doing my morning stretching routine. Time disappeared and dawn worked it’s magic tricks outside of my windows.

After breakfast and some shouting at the talking heads on the Sunday news shows I took a hard look at the watercolor – “Oh my!” I then went back to the photo to look for a pelican that I thought I had spotted a couple of days ago. Apparently it has flown away. The only other possible explanation is that it was never there. So I disabused myself of the notion to add the pelican to the composition. (Perhaps I saw him in Sunset at Kalaloch, but, I digress…)

But, while I was looking for the pelican I noticed a lot of wonderful detail in the distant water that I thought I should suggest more dramatically in my composition. So I used a number five brush which is kind of my ‘I’m finishing the minor details’ brush, and worked in some wave caps using neutral tint and left over mixes of grays and browns from the mini pallets scattered around the studio. Voila! So, it was time to become a footnote in the existence of a finished watercolor. I signed my name and 02/2010 in the shallow water at the lower right corner of Kalaloch Sunset - II and let it go.

Next week I need to run into town and make scans of my recent stuff and some older pieces that are on half and full sheets that require a large flatbed scanner. Kalaloch Sunset – I and Kalaloch Sunset – II will be among them. Until then,
I hope you like the thumbnail.

Immo. Time does not stand still, but here is a rendering of a moment frozen in time.

Now, I’m starting to paint Sunset at Kalaloch in my mind.

To be an artist is to open yourself up to everything you see as an embodiment of the truth. Real freedom is to see things in their suchness.